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Closing down

Since my personal interest in the Delphi community as a whole has become less enthusiastic in the last months, and yes, this is an understatement (but a whole topic on its own), and furthermore the interest in this particular project was never really huge anyways, I decided to stop any further work here, instead focusing on other, more promising and rewarding projects.

In other words: I will not migrate this project over to GitHub, because I have no use for it anymore.

Thanks to all of you that gave me feedback and support.

"Did you know, that we are the only Pizza Service in the world that speaks PascalESE?" Luigi, owner of Luigi's Pizza Italiana Transazionale

Project Mission

Focusing on Microsoft ESENT, the goal is to create a fully-featured, lightweight and well-designed
object-pascal class library. Primary platform targets are Delphi XE down to Delphi 7.

Project Status

Good news: The first stable version is now available! Of course, there are still some features that would be nice to have. Also the documentation still needs improvement. These things will be added in the next releases, so stay tuned!

Supporters welcome

If you are familiar with Delphi want to contribute to this project in one way or another, I would be gladly review your patches put into the issue tracker. Feel also free to contact me to discuss anything related to this project.

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